Dirt Removal

Dumpster Rental for Dirt Removal in New Jersey

Looking for a dumpster for dirt removal in New Jersey?  If you are a homeowner handling your own yard renovation project, then you may not be aware that dirt removal dumpsters are actually different from the dumpsters that you would use for demolition work or other types of waste.  That is because dirt is not taken to a landfill, but disposed of in a different manner.  This makes a price difference in the cost of the dumpster rental, and also means that you need to follow some specific rules when filling your dumpster.  Sound confusing?  Have no fear; the waste disposal experts at Christensen are here to make sure that you get the dumpster you need to make your project as easy and manageable as possible!

We offer two sizes of dumpsters for dirt removal: 10-yards and 20-yards.  We do not offer larger containers for dirt disposal for two reasons. The first reason is that even for large projects, a 20-yard dumpster is generally adequate to meet our customer’s needs.  The second reason is that dirt is very heavy.  It weights approximately 1.25 tons per yard, which means that there are weight limits for the containers because of the trucks that haul away the containers once they are full.  Our 10-yard container can hold 10 tons and our 20-yard container can hold 15 tons.

There are other things to keep in mind when getting a dumpster for dirt removal.  Because dirt is heavy, you want to protect the site where you are placing the dumpster.  We suggest placing a plywood barrier between the dumpster and the ground, to help minimize the risk of damage.  You also want to make sure and only put dirt in the dumpster.  While you can put in a mix of grass and dirt, doing so means that the dumpster cannot go to a dirt-only site because of possible pesticide contamination, so disposal will cost you more money.   Contact us today if you have any additional questions about a dirt removal dumpster or to schedule your rental.

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Why Our Customers Love Christensen Recycling

“Christensen quoted a total cost and stood by these numbers after the work was done.”

Many competitors quote separately for the dumpster rental and the drop off at the waste processing facility. Very professional, courteous and reliable. They delivered a dumpster for an estate clean out. They delivered and picked up as promised at quotation.

-Anne H.

“Good experience with Christensen.”

Ordered 10 Yd dumpster for my concrete waste after successful completion of house project, service was good and response was fast. Driver who delivered dumpster was friendly and he was careful that my driveway is not damaged while placing dumpster.

-J. Patel

“I called with a last minute request, and everyone was fast and helpful.”

Dumpster was delivered and picked-up on time. The two guys delivering the dumpster were friendly. Definitely a fair price also. Would 100% recommend this company.

-Erin B.

“5 Star experience with zero headache! Looking forward to doing future business.”

If you’re looking for a reliable dumpster company you can count on with dependable quick service and reasonable rates call Christensen Recycling for sure!

-Darren R.

“Great customer service.. same day delivery and pick up”

… definitely 5 stars… thank you for squeezing me in every time.

-Nelson T.