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We believe that more can be done, which is why we are in engaged with the IPMI (International Precious Metal Institute) to help pass bills on both the state and federal level to help ensure that the proper laws are in place to catch and prosecute criminals who are involved in the theft of catalytic converters. Implementation of best industry practices such as Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering documentation should be standard practice. If you have questions about catalytic converter related laws, regulations, or industry best practices; feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected]

A catalytic converter is an important part of any vehicle as they reduce and remove toxic emissions from an engine’s exhaust fumes, but due to the nature of what they do, they often need replacing.

One thing many people don’t know is that a catalytic converter actually contains valuable metals that can be recycled and used again in new automobile catalytic converters, so you can sell the converter to a precious metal processing and recycling company like Christensen Recycling to help your auto repair business or salvage yard become more profitable.

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I own an auto repair business. Can I call Christensen Recycling to purchase my catalytic converters? 

Yes! Our specialist catalytic recycling division recycles the precious metals inside the catalytic converter, in a part called the autocatalyst.

We extract these metals through the decanning process in our own facility.

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What precious metals are inside a catalytic converter?

The autocatalyst contains platinum, palladium, and rhodium, which can be worth a substantial amount of money.

catalytic convertersHow much are recycled catalytic converters worth?

How much your catalytic converter is worth will vary depending on the type of converter you have and the current price of the metals inside. Like a currency, precious metal values fluctuate with supply and demand, so the more difficult the metals are to get a hold of, the more money you’ll get for your converter.

How do recycling companies valuate a catalytic converter?

There are a few things you should keep an eye on when selling your catalytic converter. If a company is truly trying to give you a good price, they’ll evaluate it by checking the contents inside of the catalytic converter. This will allow them to determine the vehicle it came from, and the quantities of precious metals that can be found inside.

My catalytic converter doesn’t have a serial number, can I still recycle it?

Yes. The first thing to do is to give it a clean and take a closer look to see if you can find it. If there’s rust, grab some steel wool and scrub at rusty areas to see if the serial number can be found underneath it.

If your catalytic converter is genuinely one of the few that doesn’t have a serial number, don’t worry, an experienced catalytic converting company will still be able to identify it and pay you a fair value via their grading system. If a scrap yard tells you otherwise, simply take it elsewhere.

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What types of catalytic converter does Christensen Recycling buy?

We purchase and process three different types of catalytic converter at our facility. These are:

  • Honeycomb converters / monolith converters
  • Foil converters / metal substrate converters
  • Bead converters / pellet converters

If you’re not sure what kind of catalytic converter you have or if we accept it, simply contact us and we’ll let you know. If it’s a catalytic converter from an automobile it should be absolutely fine.

Where can I recycle catalytic converters in New Jersey?

There are numerous places you can recycle your catalytic converter and get some cash back for it in New Jersey, so it’s worth shopping around online to see where you’ll get the most value.

We are the leading catalytic converter recycling company for businesses all across the United States. We offer the best prices along with fair, honest and consistent grading. Our goal is always to establish an on-going relationship with our customers so they know they can come back to us again and again to get the best value for their catalytic converters. We process over 20,000 converters a week, so you know we are a popular choice!

We’re the top choice if you’re looking to recycle a catalytic converter in the following counties:

  • Recycle catalytic converter in Middlesex County
  • Recycle catalytic converter in Monmouth County
  • Recycle catalytic converter in Ocean County
  • Recycle catalytic converter in Essex County
  • Recycle catalytic converter in Somerset County
  • Recycle catalytic converter in Union County

If you are located in any of these area, call 908-421-1493 to request service today.

What should I look for in a company when I want to recycle a catalytic converter?

You need to look for a company that has up-to-date market information that reflects your catalytic converter’s true value, and should have a system or process in place for how they grade your converter and give you a quote. If they don’t have a process they follow every time, their pricing won’t be consistent.

You should also look for a company that gives you a no-obligation quote. It’s always difficult to walk away in person, but the catalytic converter recycling company you use should be willing to let you get other quotes, should you want to.

A company that recycles a lot of catalytic converters is a really good sign – we recycle approximately 20,000 catalytic converters a week – and a company that works with large volumes knows exactly how to appraise a converter and will be on top of what the best market value is for your catalytic converter. While many scrap yards will agree to pay you for a catalytic converter, you should try to gauge whether they actually do it often or lack the knowledge to give you a good price.

You should avoid working with a company that is a “middle man”. To get the best price, try to recycle with someone who, like us, have a processing facility. “Middlemen” have to make a profit themselves, and so you won’t get as much money for your catalytic converter.

Does a local junk yard count as a “middle man”?

Yes, because they won’t be able to pay you the top price available for your catalytic converter. They will need to make a little money for the effort they take in taking it to be scrapped, and they also won’t have the tools or knowledge to value your catalytic converter properly.

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Contact us today to get the best prices for your catalytic converter in Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Ocean County, Essex County, Somerset County, Union County, and surrounding areas of New Jersey. We purchase catalytic converters on a piece-by-piece basis, as well as on the percentage of the assay/refined value, so we welcome individuals with single pieces as well as businesses.

Up-to-date pricing for your Catalytic Converters based on current market prices of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.

We process the following types of Catalytic Converters at our facility:

– Honeycomb/Monolith Converters
– Foil/Metal Substrate Converters
– Bead/Pellet Converters

We are proud to announce that our processing capabilities have enabled us to process in excess of 20,000+ converters per week.

Simply call us on (908) 421-1493 today or use our contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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