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Leading Catalytic Converter Recycling Company In Sayreville New Jersey

We are the nation’s leading catalytic converter recycling company and is the preferred choice of scrap yards, scrap dealers, automotive core buyers, automotive repair shops and muffler shops throughout the United States. Christensen Recycling is the choice processing and consulting company for some of North America’s largest automobile recyclers. Since opening our company in 2010, we have become one of the largest and fastest growing automobile catalytic converter recyclers in the Northeastern United States and beyond. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most competitive prices, fair, honest and consistent grading. Our goal is to establish on-going sustainable relationships that offer a mutual respect and the highest level of customer satisfaction. We have always been committed to companies both big or small. With one trial lot, you will see that we will meet or exceed your expectations.


– Accurate up-to-date market information reflecting your catalytic converters true value
– Consistent Grading
– No Obligation Price Quotes
– De-Canning and Refining Services
– Consulting Services

Our process is quick and accurate and tailored to fit the needs of our customers. Christensen Recycling has years of experience in converter analysis (categorized grading) or sale on the actual assay results via processing which includes decanning, analysis and refining.

No more middle men. Middle men are described as companies that purchase your catalytic converters for a specific price and then sell your catalytic converters that they purchased from you to a processing facility like ourselves for a profit. We at Christensen Recycling want you to deal directly with us to cut out the MIDDLE MEN and pay you as the customer, the proper and appropriate market value for your catalytic converters that you deserve!

Contact Us Today To Receive Current Prices For Your Catalytic Converters. We purchase catalytic converters on an individual per-piece basis as well as on the percentage of the assay / refined value. Please contact us at (908) 421-1493 for any questions or for more information.

More Information About Catalytic Converter Recycling and What We Do

Christensen Recycling’s catalytic converter recycling division specializes in the recycling of precious metals from autocatalyst located inside automobile catalytic converters. These catalytic converters contain platinum, palladium and rhodium and are worth substantial value based on precious metal spot prices. We purchase and recycle catalytic converters from scrap yards, scrap dealers, automotive repair facilities, automotive core recyclers and our over the road division. We also process for and offer consulting to some of the largest automobile recycling companies in North America. We sort, separate, and process catalytic converters for these companies and then represent their material throughout the entire recycling and refining process. Christensen Recycling’s knowledge and expertise of the autocatalyst refining process allows for them to bridge the gap between the supplier and the refinery. Knowledge of materials that you are handling is key in this industry and contributes greatly to the overall value of your autocatalyst material. We ensure that you receive the proper value for your precious metals / catalytic converters each and every time. Christensen Recycling owns and operates a decanning and processing facility for autocatalyst. We sort and separate these precious metal containing catalytic converters into distinct categories based on their precious metal content before decanning, sampling and refining.

One small trial lot with our company will easily prove to you that our company is on your side and that we add tremendous value to your catalytic converter recycling process and overall paid value.

Fair, Honest, and Consistent grading.

Up-to-date pricing for your Catalytic Converters based on current market prices of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.

We process the following types of Catalytic Converters at our facility:

– Honeycomb/Monolith Converters
– Foil/Metal Substrate Converters
– Bead/Pellet Converters

We are proud to announce that our processing capabilities have enabled us to process in excess of 20,000+ converters per week.

Give us a call today to speak about what Christensen Recycling can offer you!

Why Our Customers Love Christensen Recycling

“Christensen quoted a total cost and stood by these numbers after the work was done.”

Many competitors quote separately for the dumpster rental and the drop off at the waste processing facility. Very professional, courteous and reliable. They delivered a dumpster for an estate clean out. They delivered and picked up as promised at quotation.

-Anne H.

“Good experience with Christensen.”

Ordered 10 Yd dumpster for my concrete waste after successful completion of house project, service was good and response was fast. Driver who delivered dumpster was friendly and he was careful that my driveway is not damaged while placing dumpster.

-J. Patel

“I called with a last minute request, and everyone was fast and helpful.”

Dumpster was delivered and picked-up on time. The two guys delivering the dumpster were friendly. Definitely a fair price also. Would 100% recommend this company.

-Erin B.

“5 Star experience with zero headache! Looking forward to doing future business.”

If you’re looking for a reliable dumpster company you can count on with dependable quick service and reasonable rates call Christensen Recycling for sure!

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… definitely 5 stars… thank you for squeezing me in every time.

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