Bagster vs Dumpster – Buying a Bag or Rental Dumpster in New Jersey

If you’re embarking on a new home renovation project or mass clean-out, you’re going to need a way to dispose of all the waste produced. While a garage sale is a good way to get rid of the things that can still be of use to someone else, no one needs old insulation or the moldy old magazines your relative hoarded in their workshop. Your only option is to throw it all out.

Of course, the neighborhood garbage collection won’t be able to handle huge mounds of old stuff, and may not even accept old plasterboard and the other things you’ve ripped out of your home renovation. You have two obvious choices: hire a dumpster or buy a Bagster bag… or, did you know that renting out a dumpster from Christensen Recycling vs. using a Bagster bag will actually save you in access of 20% in wasted costs? It’s true, and we’d love for you to call 908-421-1493 and we’ll walk you through the many reasons why our dumpster rentals are a better solution.

All you have to do is hire it, the dumpster hire company will drop it off in a convenient location, and pick it up again when it’s full. 

bagster vs dumpster

Should I Choose Bagster or a Dumpster?

Bagster is a good solution for people who frequently throw out relatively small amounts of trash, are happy to buy something that will only be used once (which isn’t environmentally friendly), and are happy to be tied to one disposal company.

A dumpster is the better solution for larger quantities and weights, sharper objects that may pierce a Bagster bag, and for people who want the ease of someone bringing the dumpster and taking it away. A dumpster gives you a huge amount of flexibility that a Bagster does not.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

The costs incurred by hiring a dumpster depends on what size you need, how long you need it for, and your location. Of course, small dumpsters will cost the least, and the large dumpsters the most, so it really does depend on your project and needs.

Can I Get a Dumpster at My House?

Yes – dumpsters can be dropped in virtually any location. Christensen Recycling delivers to a number of different counties in New Jersey; Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer, Somerset, and Union. For more information on the areas we deliver to, click here.

To get a dumpster delivered, all you need to do is contact us, or if you’re outside of our service area, your local specialist, and discuss your requirements with them.

The details you’ll need to know are:

  • The scope of the project – is it a complete home renovation or just a bathroom you’re doing? Are you cleaning out a relative’s home, or just doing some spring cleaning? This will help determine the size dumpster you require.
  • What kind of materials will you be throwing out – this doesn’t need to be an exhaustive list, just so we know what we’ll need to dispose of when we come to pick up the dumpster.
  • Location – we’ll need to know the location so we can plan where we’ll be disposing what you put in the dumpster, and you should also have an idea of a place to put it. A dumpster simply needs a relatively flat firm area to stand on where it can legally be left (such as on your own property).
  • How long you expect the project to take – if you’re using contractors they will likely forecast the time you can expect them to take, but if not know that it’s better to overestimate than underestimate. We’ll be able to help you if you’re not sure.

Once all the details are confirmed, we’ll be able to tell you how much the dumpster hire should cost for your planned pickup and arrange a time to have your dumpster delivered. As you can see, this is a very tailor fitted experience when renting a dumpster vs. buying a bagster that doesn’t necessarily satisfy the individual needs of each customer.

What Size Dumpster Will I Need?

That really depends on how much you have to throw out! Our dumpsters come in a wide range of sizes, and start at 12’ x 8’ x 3.5’, so is suitable for any “small” scale project. Our largest dumpster is almost double that, so we can advise you on what will be most suitable for your project, if you aren’t sure.

Generally, you guess the size you’ll need as follows:

  • Small Projects – these are projects that include small home renovations, small house clear-outs, and anything in that area. Of course, if you’re completely gutting a home you may need a bigger dumpster, but projects in this category only require a 10-yard dumpster, which is our smallest size. (Dimensions above.) We also have a 15-yard size if you’re not quite sure if your project fits into the small or medium category.
  • Medium-Sized Projects – for ground clearance and large home renovations and clear-outs, you’ll likely need our 20-yard dumpster. (22’ x 8’ x 4’)
  • Large Projects – for extra-large home renovations, commercial renovations, demolition, serious ground clearance, and more. Our 30-yard and 40-yard dumpsters are perfect for this size of project (22’ x 8’ x 6’ or 8’ respectively.)

The wide range of sizes we offer means you can hire a dumpster that is just the right size for your project or the space you have available. It is worth noting that once you have a dumpster or Bagster on site, how much you want to throw out multiplies, so always size up if you’re not sure.

10 Yard Dumpster Rental NJ

10 Yard Dumpster Dimensions: 12′ X 8′ X 3.5′
View 10 Yard Dumpster Rental Info


15 Yard Dumpster Rental NJ

15 Yard Dumpster Dimensions: 14′ X 8′ X 4′
View 15 Yard Dumpster Rental Info


20 Yard Dumpster Rental NJ

20 Yard Dumpster Dimensions: 22′ X 8′ X 4′
View 20 Yard Dumpster Rental Info


30 Yard Dumpster Rental NJ

30 Yard Dumpster Dimensions: 22′ X 8′ X 6′
View 30 Yard Dumpster Rental Info


40 Yard Dumpster Rental NJ

40 Yard Dumpster Dimensions: 22′ X 8′ X 8′
View 40 Yard Dumpster Rental Info

How Much Weight Can a Dumpster Take?

Most dumpsters are suitable for all home and garden projects, so weight is only a problem for the truck that has to haul it away, generally. If you plan to fill it with concrete or any other heavy materials, make sure you let us know when you book so we can prepare accordingly.

What If I Won’t Fill a 10-Yard Dumpster?

If you’re sure you won’t fill a 10-yard dumpster (about the size of a car), a Bagster may be the better option for you. While buying a Bagster instead of simply renting it isn’t always ideal, you don’t have to pay rental fees and so can take as long as you need to fill it.

This makes it a good option for small-scale clear outs, provided you aren’t going to be disposing of heavy materials or anything particularly large. If you think you may have more to throw out than a Bagster allows, hiring a small dumpster may be the more cost-effective solution.

How Much Weight Can a Bagster Take?

A Bagster isn’t small, but it is simply a reinforced tarp bag, not a metal bin. Generally, they are 8’ x 4’ x 2.5’, which is significantly smaller than our 10-yard dumpster (again, 12’ x 8’ x 3.5’). If you want to dispose of a lot of concrete, a Bagster probably isn’t the right option, but they do hold a substantial amount of weight.

A Bagster can hold 3,300lbs, which is 1.65 tons. Of course, you do need to distribute this weight carefully in a Bagster, otherwise it may split. They are only capable of holding a single cubic yard of heavy materials like concrete or earth, so they aren’t practical if you plan to dispose of broken up concrete.

How Much Does Bagster Pickup Cost?

Because you will have already bought a Bagster – which are all the same size – the pickup costs are pretty straightforward. The bags cost around $30 each, and then pay to have the bag removed once you’ve filled it.

Removal costs $175, or more if you have overfilled your bag (e.g. weighs more than 1.65 tons). These bags are one-use, meaning you don’t get them back, so if you overfill you’ll have to buy another one or dispose of the remaining waste another time.

However, if you realize you need more than one pick up, the overall price per project will rise, because a second pick up costs $150 (+ $30 for an additional bag), regardless of how full it is. So, if you’re going to go for the Bagster option, you need to be confident that you won’t overfill it and incur additional charges.

bagster vs dumpster

How Does a Bagster Work?

The Bagster is designed to be relatively simple to use, since it’s aimed at people doing small home projects, rather than commercial-scale renovations. To use the Bagster, you simply head online or to your local store and pick up one of the bags for about $30.

You take it home and set it up on your property, within 5 feet of the street curb. It’s also a good idea, since the bag is made from plastic and not metal, to lay it on a flat smooth surface, such as a driveway or grassy area with no sharp stones.

Once it’s set up, you can go ahead and complete your small kitchen renovation, a bathroom refit, garage clear out, replace a few carpets, clear out your new yard – any project that would be considered “very small”, and would fail to fill half a 10-yard dumpster.

Can You Put Dirt in a Bagster?

Yes, but there’s a limit to how much dirt can go into a single bag – one cubic yard only. That’s 1/3 of the entire bag but likely the entire weight limit, which doesn’t make it a good option if you’re planning to shift earth, rocks, or concrete.

What Can’t I Put in a Bagster?

You can only put “natural” debris inside a Bagster, so while this does include fabrics and paper products, you cannot use it to dispose of any electronics or toxic chemicals, such as you may find during a house or garage clear-out.

If you’re using a Bagster during a home clear-out, you’ll have to sell the electronic equipment on or otherwise dispose of them. If you have toxic chemicals, it’s worth looking into what your local authority advises, as they will provide a drop-off point somewhere in your town.

bagster vs dumpster

Pros and Cons of a Bagster

As you can see, there are many pros and cons to using a Bagster. Below, we’ll run through them again so you can quickly compare the pros and cons of a Bagster with those of using a dumpster so you can make the best choice for your project.


  • Great for very small projects
  • Great for disposing of old soft furnishings and small room renovations
  • Affordable for those who do their own small home room renovations
  • Ideal for garden clearance
  • You own the bag, so can store one and get it out and start using it whenever you’re ready to start a new project


  • Small and only suitable for small home projects
  • May not withstand sharp objects
  • Easy to leave in front of your house and let your project drag on or fill with water in bad weather
  • Expensive if you overfill
  • Expensive if you fill a bag and half another, as you’ll have to pay almost the same for the second removal
  • Not suitable for heavy materials
  • The bag is one-use, which means you pay for something simply for it to be a waste product, which is not environmentally friendly
  • It’s got to be collected through Bagster, so if you weren’t happy with the company your bag is no longer useful
  • You need to fill it in a way that retains its rectangular shape, especially if you want to take advantage of the space available
  • It needs to be clear of overhead wires and trees, and have at least 18 feet of clearance above the back for the crane to maneuver the bag onto the truck
  • More expensive than a 10-Yard dumpster, even if you don’t fill the 10-Yard dumpster all the way up

bagster vs dumpster

Pros and Cons of a Dumpster

Dumpsters have been the go-to solution for serious clear-outs and commercial renovations for decades, thanks to their versatility and ability to hold almost anything. From old furniture, to bathroom suites, to a broken up concrete driveway, a dumpster can hold it all – at once if it’s big enough!

Here are the pros and cons of hiring a dumpster so you can decide if hiring one is right for your project:


  • Great for small-to-large commercial projects
  • Various sizes available from 10-yard dumpsters to 40-yard dumpsters
  • Can be placed anywhere a truck can access
  • Doesn’t need to be on a smooth surface (just relatively flat and solid)
  • We’ll recycle what we can
  • Competitive pricing
  • You don’t have to store anything – once the trash is gone the dumpster is too!
  • An expert will make sure you don’t underestimate the size required
  • We’re as environmentally friendly as possible – the dumpsters are reused for years, and we endeavor to recycle whatever we can
  • You don’t have to be present for pick up – we’ll just come and take the dumpster at the scheduled time
  • Through Christensen Recycling, it’s more affordable to rent a 10-yard dumpster over a Bagster


  • If you or your contractor don’t stick to the completion time table, you may have to pay extra fees for the additional days you have the dumpster
  • It can be difficult to lift heavy materials into the dumpster without professional equipment since the sides are high (but if you’re moving a lot of heavy materials a Bagster will not be suitable either)
  • Pricing varies depending on your requirements, so you’ll have to talk to someone before you’ll know an approximate cost for the dumpster for your project

What Can’t I Put in a Dumpster?

Dumpsters are pretty versatile, but there are some products you can’t dispose of in a dumpster, as well as some materials you should ask about before you hire your dumpster.

You can’t put the following in your dumpster:

  • Chemical products, full or empty
  • Appliances and electrical products
  • Batteries
  • Barrels
  • Asbestos
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Fuel, oil and other liquids
  • Medical waste
  • Paint
  • Propane tanks
  • Tires
  • Other toxic waste

Most dumpster hire companies will also happily take yard and landscaping waste, but it’s worth checking with them directly when you call if you plan to use your dumpster for grass, dirt, leaves and mulch, stumps and tree clippings.

bagster vs dumpster

Should I Hire a Bagster or a Dumpster in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, homeowners and businesses prefer to hire a dumpster for almost all sizes of project. We, Christensen Recycling, are a popular choice for New Jersey residents looking for friendly and straightforward dumpster rental with one of the biggest ranges available in dumpster size. If you’re looking to slowly fill a bag over time, and can keep it dry, a Bagster will be best for you.

For an easy size comparison, the smallest dumpster we and other hire companies offer is a 10-yard dumpster, and the Bagster is 3-yard, so it’s quite a significant size difference.

Also, if you’re doing any job that will produce heavy materials such as concrete or dirt, a dumpster will be best. Our dumpsters include a built-in ladder to make it a little easier to throw things into the dumpster.

I think it’s pretty clear that dumpster rental is a more tailor fitted and more price friendly option than a bagster. That is why we highly recommend renting a dumpster from Christensen Recycling and don’t offer Bagster Pickup. Why? Because we like to always offer the best deal possible to our customers. Customers are family. Give Christensen Recycling a call today at (908) 421-1493 and join the family.

CALL NOW: (908) 421-1493

What Materials Do You Recycle?

We can leave a dumpster at your location if you’re a commercial operation, such as a repair shop. So, let us know if you’re going to be disposing of a lot of scrap metal, as we can sort through it and pay you for those items – it’s a great way to save money on your project. We recycle:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Batteries
  • Motors and transmissions
  • Catalytic converters
  • Any other scrap metal
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • And many other materials. If it’s recyclable, we’ll recycle it!

How Soon Can I Have a Dumpster Delivered?

We deliver 6 days a week and can offer delivery as soon as the same day!

Will Your Quote Go Up After Waste Processing?

We know many customers experience a price hike between what a company quotes before the dumpster is delivered and what it cost them after the waste is processed. We do everything we can to stick to our initial quote, so you won’t get any nasty surprises. (Though always ensure you’re honest and accurate about what you’re throwing out!)

Click here to get your quote today.

I’m Decided – I’ll Get a Dumpster, What’s My Next Step?

If you live in New Jersey in any of the counties below, give us a call! We’d love to talk you through your options and arrange your dumpster to be dropped off as soon as possible. Simply click here to get started or call 908-421-1493 to speak to one of our highly qualified live representatives.

  • Middlesex County
  • Monmouth County
  • Ocean County
  • Essex County
  • Somerset County
  • Union County

We look forward to helping your project move forward as smoothly as possible.

If you think a bagster would be better please click here

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