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Trash disposal for schools is a hidden expense that most people outside of school administration never consider.  However, between used-up school supplies, paper towels from the bathrooms, waste from lunch and from the cooking process, and other debris created by normal school activities – schools create a surprisingly large amount of waste. Much of this waste consists of recyclables, such as paper and plastic, but much of the waste is not. Therefore, schools need to find a waste solution that fits into their budget, provides reliability, and is as environmentally friendly as possible.  Christensen Recycling is that solution.

Most schools have their normal waste disposal needs to be contracted through their school district.  These districts usually use traditional waste disposal companies, which provide smaller dumpsters for trash and recycling products and regularly empty those dumpsters. In some districts, schools may contract for their own dumpster services.  Furthermore, private schools, as well as daycares and other childcare programs, may need these regular trash and recycling services.

With most schools, price is the determining factor when choosing a dumpster rental company.  For years, the most economically logical options have often been the worst for the environment.

Christensen Recycling goes beyond the traditional dumpster rental service.  As a recycling business, we maximize our profits and minimize your costs by recycling everything that we can. This results in lower costs for customers, while also helping protect the environment for future generations. This approach makes Christensen the most rational choice for schools, which must focus on price, but also want to lead by example.

In addition to providing regular contracted waste removal, Christensen helps schools with their irregular waste disposal needs.  At the end of each year, schools are often overwhelmed by waste as teachers and students purge a year’s worth of supplies, papers, and projects.  Schools may also require larger dumpsters following big fundraising events (such as carnivals) or if the school is undergoing renovation and repairs. Christensen not only supplies dumpsters for trash/waste but is a full-service recycling and junk removal company as well. Christensen specializes in recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete, wood, and other recyclable materials.

Not sure if Christensen is the right dumpster provider for your school?  Give us a call and speak with one of our customer service experts.  They will discuss your school’s waste disposal needs, make recommendations and give quotes based on the information that you are able to provide.

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