Smart Waste Management

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Smart Waste Management

Waste is an inevitable byproduct of urban living, and without the right resources in place, waste removal and management can cause a significant cost to the community. Smart waste management offers a more streamlined approach to waste collection and management for a more sustainable way of living that reduces the impact on residents as well as resources.

Traditional Waste Management Methods

You have likely become accustomed to your city scheduling collection days and having trucks roaming your streets to collect the trash. While this system works, this manual method of collection does not take into account the fact that not every trash can is full. When trucks collect half-full bins, fuel and other resources go to waste.

Smart Waste Management is a More Practical Alternative

Smart waste management involves placing sensors in trash cans that alert the city when the fill level has reached the maximum threshold so that they can be emptied. Not only does this technology reduce the waste of resources, but it also provides valuable data that could transform waste management altogether. The data collected is used to develop and optimize collection schedules to reduce the impact that waste collection has on the environment.

Smart Waste Management Technologies

There are a number of smart waste management technologies that have been developed in recent years. In addition to the sensors described above, a solar-powered trash compactor called CleanCUBE allows users to condense their trash in order to gain more usage out of trash receptacles, thus reducing the frequency of collection to reduce resource usage.

Christensen Recycling is committed to the advancement of our current waste management systems for a more sustainable way of living. Find out more about our services by calling our team at (908) 421-1493.

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